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Stowford Event


Beth and Bleddyn wish to announce the arrival of their first grand-child named Finn-Bleddyn

All doing well.

Best wishes from all members.

Rally News

Please note there are 5 rally date mistakes in the rally book.

The overview page is correct but the dates on the individual pages are incorrect, the venues and the correct dates are below.

The Shubbery 29th March to 8th April

Brassknockers 3rd May to 13th May

Berryhill 14th June to 19th June

Greenhill School 23rd Aug to 10th Aug

Lickhill Manor 11th Oct to 16th Oct  

Rally Round Up 2018

Ty-Coch CC

Cancelled due to snow

The Shruberry

Quite a bit of rain but we had hard-standings and elect

Sunny Bank

Good dry 4 days


Weather pretty good all enjoyed themselves


Penty to do and lots of music. Weather pretty good


Excellet weather again. Thanks to Rose and Mike for the food and drink

Brecon RFC

What weather!!!!!!  extreamly hot, a great rally. Everyone enjoyed the strawberries and cream. Excellent turnout


Great weather again, too short a rally

Calor Light Weight bottles alternative

Hopefully you will already be aware that Calor are discontinuing their light weight bottles.

There is an alterrnative from FLOGAS which is the fibreglass bottles that were supplied by BP.

Flogas has an app which you can use to find a stockist throughout the UK but, these are available from Homebase stores.

The advantage is more gas at less weight. 5kg and 10kg bottles available.