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2019 Rally roundup

(New Year Rally Brecon)

BRECON was the venue for our new year meet,

we tough hardy ralliers were in for a treat.

The weather was kind, the rugby club neat,

our members were happy though our numbers petite.

I have to say we're an eclectic bunch

and only 5 vans when it came to THE CRUNCH.

Never mind!, we were the BOLD or should i say OLD

and this is how our story unfolds......

Twas THE EVE of NEW YEAR when we gathered together

at THE RUGBY PAVILLION undeterred by the weather.

RAMBO attended wielding his gun, his haircut was frightful and his chest came undone.

He machined gunned a SCARECROW as it came through the door,

missed the poor blighter but a Crow hit the floor.

He captured a PIRATE with a Parrot that swore, his language so bad that we showed him the door.

Next AN EMPEROR PENGUIN waddled in from the cold, he hardly looked REGAL, he looked full of Mould.

His poor feet were frozen after marching so far, we offered him whiskey, propped him up at the bar.

THE MOD-MARY QUANT came from Abergavenny, with Hairy legs and Short Skirt she TRAUMATISED many.

Next A TWEENIE arrived but unsure of gender, we labelled THAT HYBRID (Return to Sender).


We gave them a (TEN)!!

Last but not least THE BLUES BROTHERS from TON, tried their utmost to sing but their MOJO had gone.

You're BEREFT of your RHYTHYM, MIKE said to ROSE,

YES! I left it at home with my Tight Pantihose!!

So TEN RESPONSIBLE ADULTS all in thier PRIME, came together to enjoy a little PANTOMIME.

We toasted in THE NEW YEAR and GOOD HEALTH to us all,

BRECON was CHAMPION after all!!

Ty-coch 21st March

Good turnout and good weather

Porthkerry 4th April

Fair turnout and good weather

Avonbank 18th April

Excellent turnout. Good weather until last few days.

Rooklands 2nd May

Excellent turnout for a new venue. Good weather

Exmouth 21st May

Good turnout, weather hot and a few showers.

Happy Valley 13th June

Good weather again, enjoyable rally.

Berryhill 27th June

Good turnout and great weather.

Brecon 11th July

Excellent turnout and exceptional weather again.

Southbourne 22nd Aug

New Venue

Glanusk Estate Caravan site opened 1st July this year.

Although work in progress, this site has exceptional facilities as can be seen on their website (see link on Sponsors page)

There are lovely nature walks within the estate, including forest and river. Canal walk short distance away. Fishing available, a bird watchers paradise.  Dogs are welcome. 

Why not try it out.