Rally Info

Rallies for 2024

1/ 7th March to 14th March Northam Farm Brean with Elec (R & M)

2/ 28th March to 7th April    Monks Farm Stratford upon Avon (J & M) Elec extra

3/ 18th April to 22nd April Sharpness Dockers Club (S & J)

4/ 2nd May to 12th May         Dan yr Ogof Caves (J & D)

5/ 23rd May to 2nd June         Exmouth RFC (J & M)

6/ 13th June to 23rd June Brecon RFC (R & M)

7/ 27th July to 4th Aug         Holiday Rally Monks Barn Farm Straford upon Avon

8/ 22nd Aug to 1st Sept          Rooklands Porthcawl (J & D)

9/ 26th Sept to 1st Oct            Hereford Rowing Club (V & K))

10/ 17th Oct to 24th Oct          Northam Farm Brean with Elec  (D & L)

9th Nov AGM   Cambrian Lakeside bar & Cafe